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Cyril J. Elker


When the Northgate and Avonworth football teams meet on the field for the final football game of the season, they will be waging war against more than each other. The game will be a "pink-out" to raise funds and enhance awareness of how breast cancer impacts young women.


The Avonworth Football Boosters are asking the district's school board to reconsider its ban on away game jerseys that bear each player's name, or cough up the $2,600 the boosters spent to buy the nameplates.


The Avonworth School Board meeting Monday was interrupted so that an executive session could be held to discuss the athletic director position.

When the meeting resumed 25 minutes later, Timothy Giel was unanimously approved as athletic director.



A determined group of parents spoke their position about jersey name-tags at the Avonworth School Board meeting on June 7.

Al Cuteri, representing the board's athletic committee, stated that the committee wishes to discontinue name plates on football jerseys. A booster committee of parents and players disagree. Their desire is to continue this practice that began last year when a decision was made by the athletic director, independent of the athletic committee.


Less than a year after taking over the position, Avonworth athletic director Chet Fuhrman has resigned.

The Avonworth School Board voted unanimously at its April 5 work session to accept Fuhrman’s resignation. The vote came after a one-hour executive session held during the meeting.

Board member Peter McKay was absent.


Girls at Northgate's middle school may be able to play softball this spring.

Northgate School Board athletic committee chairman David Natale said that athletic director Bryan Kyle was discussing with Avonworth the possibility of middle school softball, already in place at the neighboring school district, becoming a co-op sport.


Avonworth School District administrators were flooded with some 90 resumes after posting a job opening for an athletic director. That number first was cut down to 15, then down to three. Eventually there was only one candidate for the job.

The school board unanimously voted to hire Earl Chet Fuhrman as athletic director, replacing Greg Wagner, who resigned July 31.

“We were really impressed with his motivation, his exuberance for the job,” superintendent Dr. Valerie McDonald said at the board’s work session on Monday.


Editor: The June 5th article “Concession Stand Up for Grabs” was very misleading. Avonworth School Board President David Oberdick indicated that the Avonworth Football Boosters were giving up the concession stand due to “lack of volunteers.” This is not the case. The decision to eliminate the concession stand as a fund-raising endeavor was not taken lightly and the pros and cons of operating the stand were considered for several months. The school district, in fact, started this whole process when they tried to take the stand from the football boosters this past season. The events and facts that led up to this decision are as follows: