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Kilbuck officials now have an idea of what it will take -- in terms of work and money -- to fix Courtney Mill Road, and will start searching for grants and contributions.

Township engineer Shawn Rosensteel, of Chester Engineers, told the Kilbuck Supervisors at their meeting on Tuesday that the price tag for the road project is $255,000. That will cover four phases of construction on the section of road from the Shannopin Country Club driveway to the Ross Township border.


The Kilbuck Town-ship Supervisors have authorized the township’s engineer to develop options for repairing Courtney Mill Road.

The road suffers from drainage problems that have undermined the street.

Township secretary Harry Dilmore said that the proposal will address various options and allow the township to have a “shovel ready” project if grant funds become available.


Kilbuck Township is facing some major sewer funding issues in the coming years.

Township engineer Shawn Rosensteel warned the supervisors at their meeting Tuesday that three different projects could prove costly.


The Ohio Township real estate tax office will be open on Monday, Dec. 27, 9 a.m. - noon, but will be closed for regular office hours on Tuesday, Dec. 28, and Thursday, Dec. 30.

Payments due by Dec. 31 can be dropped in the white box outside the Township building’s main entrance.


With local property owners being approached to allow natural gas drilling, the Kilbuck Township Supervisors have approved the introduction of an ordinance that will put restrictions and regulations in place.

Township secretary Harry Dilmore said that the township’s zoning code already restricts drilling to a limited number of parcels, most of which are conservation lands that are unlikely to host the drilling operation required to obtain natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.


Kilbuck Township officials will try to address at least a couple drainage issues plaguing residents, although some may have to wait.

Tuesday’s rescheduled meeting of the township supervisors was dominated by complaints from residents about unresolved drainage issues. Eicher Road resident Lynne Mason said that her basement continues to be flooded although she notified officials of the probloem two years ago.


Kilbuck Township will piggyback on a Ben Avon contract to perform mandatory televising of sanitary sewers.

Township secretary Harry Dilmore reported at the supervisors' Feb. 23 meeting that Kilbuck is likely to get a better price and reduce costs by joining Ben Avon's contract for the work.


Kilbuck Township did not need to take out a tax anticipation loan this year, which resulted in a savings of over $1,000.

The loan normally would help pay for operating expenses until the township begins receiving tax revenue.

Township secretary Harry Dilmore reported at the regular meeting on Jan. 26 that the township had enough of a carryover from 2009 to be able to skip the loan this year. He said that the township saved about $1,200 that would have been paid in interest.


Travelers on Wilson Road in Kilbuck may notice cones marking a small curb in place to redirect water that is threatening to increase damage to the street.

Township secretary Harry Dilmore told officials on Tuesday that an asphalt curb had been placed to redirect water and keep it from running across a section of Wilson and seeping into cracks on the road. A portion of the pavement already is failing, and officials hope to keep the situation from getting any worse.


Bond refinanced

Refinancing Ohio Township's current bond will produce about $87,000 for capital projects.

The Ohio Township Supervisors voted unanimously at their Oct. 5 meeting to refinance the debt. Township manager John L. Sullivan Jr. said that favorable interest rates had allowed refinancing with no extension of the amount or term of the bond. Instead the township will receive $87,000 as a refund or reimbursement for capital projects, he said.

Contract extension


Tensions among the Kilbuck Township Supervisors escalated earlier this week when supervisors' chairman Russ Hardiman refused to consider several items on the regular meeting agenda because of the absence of supervisor John Fader.


Emsworth and Ben Avon officials this week approved an offer to provide joint fire services to Kilbuck Township.

Kilbuck’s fire company will disband Sept. 1 due to a lack of volunteers. Township officials voted last month to accept proposals from other area fire companies for coverage of Kilbuck.