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A newly-created position in Bellevue government soon will be vacant.

Assistant director of administrative services Katie Hale notified borough officials last Friday that she was resigning effective in late September.

Hale was brought to Bellevue just over a year ago to work as acting DAS while council searched for someone to replace former DAS Connie Flasher. She continued in an administrative capacity after the hiring of DAS Doug Sample, and the position of assistant DAS was made full-time in January.


Bellevue Council voted Tuesday to delay a parking lot expansion project at Bayne Park that would cost some $21,000.

The project, according to assistant director of administrative services (DAS) Katie Hale, would make the park more handicapped accessible, creating a wider driveway, sidewalks and additional parking.

The work needs to be done in order for the borough to qualify for the skate plaza grants, Hale said, but that was news to some council members.


Bellevue officials have authorized a number of applications for grant funds that could go a long way towards revitalizing the borough.

Even as Allegheny County is preparing a request for proposals that will be advertised to get a firm to prepare a plan for streetscape improvements along Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue is applying for a grant to implement at least part of that plan.


With support from a number of people who attended Bellevue Council's work session Tuesday evening, council approved a fund-raising art festival that will include the sale of alcohol.


Barely a month after voters rejected allowing liquor licenses in Bellevue, the borough is dealing with a proposal to sell beer in Bayne Park -- a proposal from the borough's own employees.

The idea for a "beer corral" in the park developed from plans to hold an arts festival to raise money for the borough's matching share of a grant to build a skate plaza in Bayne Park.



Our editor permitting, I would like to share with The Citizen readers a telephone conversation I had with Aaron Stubna regarding retraction of the section of the pro-liquor advertisement in The Citizen, Feb. 4, 2011, pertaining to Allegheny County. I reiterated this conversation to councilman Mark Helbling, Bellevue’s assistant administrative services director Katie Hale, and Allegheny County’s Allegheny Together department director, Lance Chimka.


After receiving positive feedback from Allegheny County, Bellevue will move ahead with a grant application that could produce much of the funding necessary to construct a skate board plaza in Bayne Park.

Council president Kathy Coder and administrative assistant Katie Hale said that the borough had submitted a pre-application for a Community Development Block Grant that sought funding for a $360,000 project in Bayne Park that also included an amphitheater, dog park and boccie court. Hale said that county officials quickly zeroed in on the skate plaza aspect.