Proud parents

The one part of this job that I enjoy the most is when I get to take photographs of kids for the paper. They get such a kick out of seeing their pictures and names in this little weekly newspaper that their excitement is actually contagious. It quickly spreads to me, and to their parents and grandparents.

Every now and then we hear from people who remember the time, many years ago, when their pictures were printed in The Citizen. It still means something to them, and that's pretty cool.

I have become pretty jaded when it comes to seeing my name in print. Over the years, and in my various careers, I have been featured in newspaper and television stories, and I have written for regional and national publications. As an attorney, I was interviewed by and quoted in Newsweek -- heck, even I was impressed by that!

But this week I got to experience some of the excitement that comes from being featured in a newspaper article, only it wasn't my name and picture that excited me -- it was Arthur's. He was featured in a story in the Post Gazette about the Women in Math Conference at Avonworth Elementary School.

I immediately became a doting mom, proud as can be. I called the neighbors, bought several copies, and e-mailed links to friends and relatives.

Although even I admit that I am more than a little indulgent when it comes to this big dog, it was fun to experience the other side of the media. It reminds me that what newspaper people do every day, every week, every month, really does impact people in the most surprising ways.

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