Which collector?

Bellevue officials are still debating which company to hire for tax and fee collection, possibly including garbage fees in 2012.

Council's finance committee has recommended hiring Jordan, which currently i used by the solicitor's office to collect delinquent real estate taxes. The company's performance in that task has been "above and beyond our wildest expectations," according to director of administrative services Doug Sample. Sample said the borough budgeted about $90,000 in revenue from delinquent property taxes, and has received about $170,000 so far and is expecting $100,000 more.

When it comes to collecting other taxes and fees for the borough, however, Jordan's rates and penalties are higher than those of Pennsylvania Municipal Services (PaMS), which currently collects payroll taxes and sewer fees and surcharges for Bellevue. In fact, Jordan will charge the borough about $4,400 more to collect garbage fees in 2012, officials said.

Council member Linda Woshner said that PaMS's collection rate for both current and delinquent fees and taxes has been 98 percent.