Tree laws

Ben Avon Council asked borough solicitor Anne Sweeney at Tuesday's meeting to review the terms of both the Shade Tree Ordinance, which is part of Ben Avon's Code of Ordinances, and the Shade Tree Commission Ordinance, as a few questions had arisen about whether some of the content was lawful.

Sweeney agreed to do that, but also asked what the purpose of the commission was supposed to be. "Whatever you're trying to accomplish, I can help you," she said. When nobody responded, Sweeney asked council member Sue Weiss, who drafted the Shade Tree Ordinance, what the purpose of the commission was, and Weiss replied, "No comment."

Council president Earl Bohn asked Julian Wynnyckyj, who is a newly-elected member of council and had also been appointed to the Shade Tree Commission, if he would be willing to head up an ad hoc committee to work on this. Wynnyckyj agreed, and asked Weiss if she would like to be on it, but she declined.

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