Singers compete

Northgate’s competitive singers, from left: senior Tommy Thomas (Kean Quest); freshman Gillian Elliott (Junior High District I Chorus); freshman Jessie Roos (Kean Quest and Junior High District I Chorus); senior Nicholas Hannan (Kean Quest); senior Madison Conley (District Chorus); junior Sara Hopkins (Kean Quest). Photo by Tom Steiner for The Citizen

Every year, hundreds of choral students from the Pittsburgh area compete for positions in both District Chorus and the St. Barnabas Kean Quest. Having six students involved in these activities represents quite an accomplishment for any school, but especially for a smaller one, such as Northgate High School.

Choral director Kelly Winovich is nothing less than an enthusiastic cheerleader for the recognition of her students' hard work and talent. "I am so very proud of them. It is wonderful to see the additional after-school hours of vocal training being rewarded. I wish them a successful semi-final round of competition and thank St. Barnabas for giving Northgate this enriching opportunity."

Two of the students have previous experience with these events. Sara Hopkins is a veteran of Kean Quest, having competed for the past three years and making it to the finals. Sara also was an "Audience Choice" awardee. Madison Conley first participated in District Chorus at Shaler Area High School.

Junior High District Chorus will be held at Chartiers-Houston High School in May. Kean Quest performances will be held at the Kean Theater at St. Barnabas on March 30, with proceeds being donated to the St. Barnabas Charity.

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