Northgate joins technology pilot program

Northgate Middle School will be among 50 schools joining the pilot year of the Dynamic Learning Project, a national program supported by Digital Promise, EdTech Team, and Google. The program will work to improve education equity by empowering teachers to utilize technology in more powerful ways.  

Northgate Middle School was selected for the program by Digital Promise based on need, existing technology infrastructure, and innovative leadership committed to helping their teachers succeed.

Superintendent Dr. Caroline Johns shared her enthusiasm about the project. “We are truly honored to have been selected for participation in the Dynamic Learning Project. We believe this body of work will greatly benefit our middle school students and transform how we use technology in the classroom.”

The Dynamic Learning Project is designed to help deliver on the promise of technology by investing in a school’s greatest assets: teachers. It’s not just about access to technology, but how prepared teachers feel to meaningfully use that technology in their classrooms. The Dynamic Learning Project will sponsor and train a coaching fellow, in most cases a former classroom teacher, who will provide personalized, tech-based coaching to help educators to use technology in practical ways.

The coaching fellows will be embedded in 50 underserved middle schools in five regions across the U.S.

“It’s imperative that teachers are supported as they create new and powerful learning environments so students are prepared for the jobs of the future,” said Karen Cator, president and CEO of Digital Promise. “Early research studies point to the positive impact that educator coaching has on teacher practices and student achievement. We’re thrilled to work with Google and EdTech Team, to bring the Dynamic Learning Project to Northgate Middle School.”

Coaching fellows and principals at participating schools will work with teachers to apply best practices in the powerful use of technology for teaching and learning; promote a culture of openness, personalized professional development, and continuous improvement between faculty and administration; and engage with other coaching fellows and their principals to share knowledge and a build community of support.

In addition to coaching fellows and principals, the program will extend to benefit the entire school, as well as the broader community.

The Dynamic Learning Project officially welcomed the 2017-18 cohort coaches and principals at a week-long Summer Institute hosted by Digital Promise at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  

“At Google, we believe in the power of educators. Technology is just a tool; it can only be transformative when it's in the hands of an educator who uses it to create meaningful experiences for students,” said Liz Anderson, Head of Social Impact Programs at Google for Education. “We’re excited to support such a dedicated group in laying the groundwork for innovative use of technology in classrooms across the country."

Johns wrote the application for the grant following the Digital Promise invitation to participate in the program. School leaders implementing the project will be secondary principal Brian Kyle and technology coaching fellow Jennifer Tusick.

“This will provide our teachers an opportunity to really delve into the use of instructional technology and explore how it can best be utilized to support student learning. It's also an opportunity to research best practices in ensuring that all students have equitable access to technology. Not only will Northgate benefit from what is learned from this project, but other districts across the country will also benefit. We are truly honored to have been selected for this project,” Johns said.

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