Letters to the editor


Am I irked at Wal-Mart performing a landslide on Route 65 and down onto the railroad tracks? Am I irked at females in our council screaming like the British House of Commons? (If you’ve ever seen the Brits’ parliamentarian pounding the gavel and incessantly screaming “Orduh, Orduh,” you wouldn’t believe it.) Am I irked at a very weary Bellevue Council? Am I irked at Pennsylvania financially helping department stores, sports arenas and casinos but think nothing of cutting off funding for our public broadcasting station? Am I irked at politicians in general who look the other way until a bridge falls down, and industry goes belly up, or a highway caves in but still won’t remove that money from their back pockets to repair things? Maybe so. But you know what really irks me? When I try and try again but still can’t find that sixth “difference” in The Citizen’s Hocus-Focus cartoon.

Virginia Miranda

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