Documents needed

Attempts to deal with problems associated with Bellevue’s streetscape have run into a little road bump, as borough officials discovered that they are missing some key documents.

In the one-block area that was the location of improvements last summer during the first two phases of project construction, problems have arisen at both of the bump-out/crosswalk areas. While flooding occurs at one bump-out, the stamped-concrete crosswalk is crumbling at the other. Officials said that the project architect and the contractor are pointing fingers at each other when it comes to taking responsibility for the problems.

Solicitor Matt Racunas said that there is a one-year warranty on the work, and the borough can file a complaint against the contractor’s bond. He said it was likely that the area would have to be excavated to determine who was at fault.

Finding out who was at fault became more difficult when officials realized that the borough does not have copies of contracts or the project specifications. Those are believed to be in the possession of the Quaker Valley Council of Governments, which executed all documents on behalf of the borough.

Part of the drainage problem may be that incorrect drain covers were installed, according to borough engineer Ben Gilberti, who added that it was impossible to tell whose fault that was until the specifications are examined.

The solicitor said that he believed a complaint would be filed this week.